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This is a small collection of books that are now in the public domain or to which permission has been given for private use.  These (mostly) old texts can be very interesting though they are missing many modern beekeeping topics and more recent problems or methods.  See the books at any larger book store or online and look for ones that have been updated or published in recent years

Many other public domain books on beekeeping have also been made available from the Phillips’ Beekeeping Collection at Cornell’s Albert R. Mann Library.

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Fifty Years Among the Bees

By Dr. C.C. Miller (1911)

This is an interesting book written nearly a century ago.  It contains a page on what he calls a one cent cage which significantly pre-dates my introduction to them at a class given by Sue Cobey at the Ohio State University where we used an identical mesh queen …

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The Life of a Bee

By Maurice Maeterlinck (1901)

translated by Alfred Sutro


This book is far from an instruction manual about beekeeping or even the life story and experiences of a beekeeper.  Rather it’s describing bees in a rather grandiose manner that reminds me of the first time I attempted to read Shakespeare in the original Old English. …

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