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Honey Warmer

Inevitability honey will crystallize.  While it’s a simple matter to heat up one or two jars in a hot water bath on the stove, heating up many jars or buckets can be a problem.   Bucket warmers (a simple heating strap that goes around the bucket of honey) don’t heat evenly and have no thermostat so …

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Pollen Patties

Bees need more than just carbohydrates from honey, sugar syrup or corn syrup to survive.    They also need protein that usually comes from pollen especially when raising brood.  Many beekeepers may never need to feed pollen or pollen substitute.  The bees typically will store enough for their use and when supplies run short they will …

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Queen Cell Incubator

(Plans for this incubator are available here and you can purchase controller or the whole incubator at our store).

This portable incubator is used to transport brood from the hive inside for grafting, transporting ripe queen cells to be placed in mating nucs, and to hold capped queen cells when weather prevents them …

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